Concrete Sealer & Tint


Our Australian made Concrete Sealer provides superior coverage, durability and performance. The resin in our products is 100% acrylic, this is the critical element that provides the superior performance.

Acrylic/ Styrene blended products can be unstable in UV light, are softer than acrylics and will scratch and wear off faster.

Our Sealer is more durable – cures & seals, scratch & scuff resistant. Protects against harsh Australian weather. Rhino Sealer will never turn yellow or white in sunlight, peel or flake.

Our premium product enhances concrete leaving a subtle, satin finish that enriches the colour and texture, without excessive shine or slipperiness.

Our Range of Concrete Sealer & Tints include:

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  • Colour, Viscosity and Material matched to your specification.
  • Exterior Sealer Range – 100% Resin Based.
  • Interior Sealer Range – Water Based.
  • 6 – 8m2 coverage.
  • Clear Gloss Sealer Guaranteed to 7 years. (conditions apply).

Australian Owned & Manufactured Product

  • 33 years of industry manufacturing experience in industrial coatings.
  • Superior Australian Product.
  • Each Order is managed end to end through a high tech robotic process. Offering consistency, control and rapid turnaround for companies producing high volumes to a specified formula.
  • Manufactured in new state of the art, fully automated plant that produces up to 10,000 litres per hour.

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