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Welcome to Rhino Industrial Coating

Australian Distributors for a large Commercial range of Premium Coating Products

We have 14 years experience supplying quality Building Products to hundreds of Commercial and Industrial Resellers up the Eastern Coast of Australia. Backed by a local teams and account managers in each region we provide fantastic support and after sales service to all of our customers – big or small. Highly trained and experienced team of technical advisors are on hand to answer any spec or application training or questions.

industrial coatings

Our Australian made Industrial Coatings provide superior coverage, durability and performance. Both priming and top coating on most structural steel, equipment, flooring, stadiums, pools etc where tough and acidic protection is necessary ….

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Concrete Sealers

Our Australian made Concrete Sealer provides superior coverage, durability and performance. The resin in our products is 100% acrylic, this is the critical element that provides the superior performance. Acrylic/ Styrene blended products can be ….

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Anti Graffiti Coatings

Graffiti is a growing issue for a lot of businesses and community. We specialised in providing graffiti management solutions to assist property professionals control, prevent and protect against graffiti vandalism. Cleaning graffiti off buildings costs billions of ….

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Our painters are very pleased with your products. We have been completing more bins than usual, with one coat, instead of 2 with our previous supplier and is spraying a lot smoother.

Steve - Metal Recycler

Thor Sealer is easy to work with, we get great coverage and it's available in any colour we need. I've been called back too many times to fix sealer that is starting to crack, discolour or peel. This is a superior product and it's Australian made. We love it!

Terry - Decorative Concrete Landscaper

X-TRA fast dip coat saves considerable time and greatly reduces labour costs with efficient operations dipping between 70-90 stillages per day. Another key benefit is the formulation that does not build up multiple layers of paint which requires sandblasting off previous coatings to get the scaffold components to fit together quickly and easily on site.

Shane - Scaffold Protective Coatings

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